Restaurants and Cafes

Furniture for restaurants and cafes

We are ready to propose the whole range of solutions on the equipment of cafes, restaurants and bars. Our experts will help you to choose the best possible solution taking into account technical and engineering parameters of space, concept of the place, stylistic features of design, budget frame. Customers usually are interested in several characteristics of furniture and the equipment:  an esthetic level, profitability, durability, quality. As for the last characteristic, we make greatest demands of outward and quality of furniture while working with producers. The NCG Company cooperates only with tried-and-true, reliable European manufacturing firms which are famous for responsibility, punctuality, strict observance of all norms and safety rules. Faultless reputation in this case is the best pro argument.

We offer the furniture made according to the European certificates of approval, mainly of the natural non-toxical and safe materials. It possesses high esthetic characteristics. However, esthetic parameters of space and interior objects depend on the concept and features of interior design. We are ready to realize the most different concepts – from widespread road cafes and Pit stops, city snack bars of a fast food and thematic bars to refined restaurants with an interior, designed in historical styles – an art nouveau, baroque, and classicism.

Refreshing hi-tech, freakish bionics, calm and functional Scandinavian style, whimsical ethnic – all these styles  of design demand special approach to furniture. We can produce individual pieces of furniture if it is required for the realization of functional or art and esthetic tasks or ideas.

Table-tops, construction systems, trade and exhibition shop windows, chairs, tables, bar counters, desks of waiters, sofas and seating systems, hangers and consoles – we offer all range of furniture and equipment for complex arrangement of cafes, bars and restaurants.

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