Private interiors

Furniture for private interiors

The concept of a private interior entirely depends on the imagination, esthetic reference points and financial opportunities of the customer. We shouldn't speak about trends, because opinions differ concerning interior design. On the other hand, all trends are losing the relevance, but people build and will build dwellings. So mote it be! Modern materials, technologies and experience of experts allow to create practically any kind design – from internal space in Baroque or rococo style, from historical interiors inspired by Modern style or art deco to mysterious inhabited territories where the cool hi-tech, intriguing and slightly toy-like bio - tech or universal minimalism reigns. Furniture and textile factories are ready to satisfy taste and claims of the most exacting customers. Today even pearls of design are available, maybe slightly changed – according to the customer's wishes. In a word, nothing is impossible. Our experts taking into account technical and engineering parameters of space, the budget size and other personal requirements will help you to change qualitative safety furniture, textiles, and accessories. If desired you can order furniture or any detail of an interior (a storage system  of an unusual configuration, a built-in closet, a sofa, an illuminant, a functional partition, a pier, a bench and so on) designed by the professional designer with a serious portfolio, who has considerable experience in design and reconstruction of private living spaces. We offer furniture, textiles and accessories for all rooms of a modern house or apartment. Contracting deliveries of furniture, textiles, accessories, individual interior objects and equipment for lodgment of any plan and configuration – from converted studio apartments, lofts, garçonniers, and townhouses to private mansions, cottages and guest courtyard houses.

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