Offices and banks

Furniture for banks, offices, conference rooms

We offer qualitative and safety furniture, textiles, accessories and an equipment for any public interiors – banks, offices, conference rooms. We will produce individual objects according to drawings if it is necessary for the solution of any art, esthetic or functional problems. Office equipment is an important part of business because there are corporate interests except personal esthetic addictions of the management, and specific functional problems which are solved by means of interior objects, and at last representative functions. People say that the office is the peculiar "facade" of the company which is carrying out communication between the client (customer) and the staff of office (performers). There are certain stereotypes in design of office space. For example, an interior of bank as serious financial institution has to be classical, reserved, and majestic; it has to inculcate confidence in firmness and reliability of bank in the potential client. Or, so to speak, in office decoration of the big company there can't be radical coloristic or planning decisions. On the one hand, all this so, and the person is really inclined to connect subconsciously conservatism with something stable, quiet and reliable. However on the other hand, we know already not one hundred of successful examples of unusual design in the office spaces – with use of bright provocative colors, sharp sculpturesque solutions, compositional and planning innovations.  Office becomes the continuation of the company’s business, a figurative and symbolical embodiment of its status, like mirror reflecting specific features of activity. In our company you can order all range of office furniture: from ordinary tables and chairs for staff, tables for corporate kitchens, conference rooms and receptions, mobile and stationary partitions to luxury furniture for management, sofas and chairs for lounges, exclusive storage systems , safes and so on. We deliver folding, stackable and section chairs of different length for conference rooms and assembly halls.

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