Furniture for hotels

Today there are many temporary havens for every taste and purse, so our experts have a large number of decisions on furniture for hotels. It is necessary to consider not only the concept of hotel and features of internal space, but also wishes of clients based on their own ideas of comfortable accommodation and actual tendencies in the sphere of hotel furniture design. Anyway safety goes first of all, because every hotel is a congestion of the people, and each of lodgers possesses a set of specific features. For this reason we speak about observance of all safety rules and compliance of hotel furniture to the European and domestic quality standards.

Our experts will help you to choose hotel furniture taking into account technical and engineering parameters of space, the budget size and so on. The main characteristics of furniture for hotels are: the quality providing comfort; durability, simplicity in service. While working with producers we make greatest demands of appearance and quality of furniture. NCG cooperates only with checked by time, reliable European manufacturing firms which are famous for responsibility and punctuality. These producers choose natural materials for their products (wood, textiles), safe fixtures and accessories.

We are ready to produce furniture, items, interior objects and accessories individually if it is required for functional or art and esthetic tasks.

Tables and storage systems, consoles, panels, beds, sofas, ottomans, banquettes, hangers, sliding partitions and screens, mini bars – we offer the whole range of goods for the equipment and complex arrangement of hotels.

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