National Contracting Group (NCG)

NCG is the company created by true professionals, high quality experts in the field of furniture, finishing materials and accessories delivery, contract manufacturing and design. Our experts possessing 20 years' experience are down on to these segments of the market in Russia, Europe and Asia. Within two decades we are involved in such spheres as architecture, design, dressing, repair, construction, reconstruction, restoration, deliveries, complete set, equipment, service and guarantee maintenance.

The mission of NKG is to put high quality design and product into the public domain.

Now we face an evolutionary transformation of the contracting sphere in Russia. New consumers are appearing. We can see changes of the market and the form of market communications; increasing in demand of such segments as real estate, design, repair and arrangement, tourist services within the country (HoReCa). So today is high time to make mutually advantageous business.

What can we offer?

Large and small hotels, cafe, restaurants, bars, clubs, state and private educational institutions, medical and shopping centers, cultural institution and leisure are in the area of our interest and attention.

We not only sell qualitative furniture, accessories and the equipment of the reliable brands at an adequate price, but also we propose ready turnkey solutions for different spheres of business in line with actual design trends, taking into account all possible nuances.

Why people decide on us


Professional staff
You concern yourself with people, for whom word “design” is not just a word, but work of a whole life. They chose their profession not from tactical reasons, but following natural tendency and professional interests.


Complete solutions
Using of complete interior turnkey solutions is a simple and clear possibility of business processes optimization. It is favorable both to the customer and the performer of the contract.


Considerable experience
More than twenty years – this much people entering into our team work in this segment of the market. We are not in need of longtime explanations. So easy to work with us because we’re in the loop!


Our experts are conservative only in ethics of business. So all new challenges and tasks we perceive with pleasure. Therefore we undertake object of any type and degree of complexity.